Our Innovative RF Engineering Solutions

ACS provides connectivity solutions for transportation and PTC initiatives. Combining global expertise from the wireless, wireline, industrial, and automation fields, we are the leader in PTC cabling. We can provide cables and connectors for virtually every piece of the system including the wayside interface units and the onboard radios and equipment. Additionally, our cables and connectors will easily stand up to the harsh environments native to the railway industry.

In addition to PTC Kits and requirements, we also offer a complete range of locomotive cable assemblies. Examples include CMU, Alerter, Fuel, Axle Generator, Onboard Network, and CDU. Cables are delivered in days, not weeks, and are less expensive than OEM, so they help with mechanical shop budgets. We are able to cross reference most cables and reverse engineer others. Let "the company that's easy to do business with" solve your connectivity needs.

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Our Core Capabilities

Building antenna & connectivity kits for PTC initiatives
Microwave Network Connectivity
Harness & Cabling builds for locomotives
Radio network cabling