ACS Part Number 31931

ACS Solutions’ Railroad Electrician Test Light

ACS Solutions’ new Railroad Electrician Test Light gives electricians and mechanics the extra time they need to complete a job by no longer having to build their own lights.

This light is compact in size and can be attached using the magnet or hung by its lanyard. The leads combine to make a handy jumper, and it is overload protected by a fuse. The light is visible from a 360º radius through its protective lens.

The light will test for control grounds on locomotive control circuits. It can also be used to diagnose manual relays on older locomotives.

Core Benefits

Designed to be carried easily for the electrician

Detects electric current

Addresses any electrical concerns on the locomotive

What Problems Does The Railroad Electrician Test Light Solve?


Meets the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) requirements 

Electricians can now detect any electrical or safety issues on the locomotive

Eliminates employees building their own test equipment, which can be a liability

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