What Is A Leaky Feeder Cable?

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What is a leaky feeder cable?

Leaky feeders, also known as coaxial or radiating cables, are cables that have small sections of their copper shielding stripped off to allow radio frequency signals to “radiate” and transmit successfully.

This kind of communication was originally designed to be used in areas where radio communication was extremely difficult – mines. In the early days of mining, communication via hand held radio was incapable of providing a communication channel between miners and the individuals above ground.

This communication deficit led to the creation of leaky feeders. The intended purpose of these cables was to act as an extended antenna to provide greater signal transmission. These cables paired with signal amplifiers ultimately allowed for telecommunication in areas that were previously unable to receive transmitted signals.

Who uses leaky feeder cables?

Though the idea behind creating this type of expanded communication was geared towards the mining industry, there are several industries today, where this development is still essential to facilitating clear communication.

The most common use of these radio frequencies is in large metal frameworks. They are ideal candidates for use in larger buildings or skyscrapers, hotels, tunnels, commercial/military ships, airplanes and other enclosed areas where signal transmission is more difficult.

These spaces are generally incapable of facilitating effective signal frequencies and are natural consumers of coaxial or radiating cables as adding this solution can provide data coverage and extend communication range and quality for users.

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