Why More Businesses Are Switching To Fiber Optic Cable

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Media companies are experiencing tremendous growth. With this growth comes greater pressure, as consumers place higher demands on the suppliers of their information and digital entertainment. Having the right cabling in place can make positive differences when it comes to bandwidth, voice, data, multimedia, and all other aspects of your industry. While there are several cabling options in the market place, here are five reasons why more companies are investing in fiber optics.

  1. More Speed and Bandwidth

Copper wiring was originally created with only voice communication in mind. Because of its original intended usage, its bandwidth offerings are limited. Fiber optic cables increase your bandwidth potential at rates that were previously unprecedented in the industry. You’ll also see an increase in speed when you switch to fiber, which is a top priority to consumers.

  1. Reliability

Extreme weather is a realistic threat that can create costly outages. Fiber optic cabling is safe from extreme weather conditions because electricity is not actually being sent through the wiring. When you choose fiber optics, you remain unaffected by the elements that are detrimental to the performance of copper wiring.

  1. Size

Perhaps the most practical advantage of fiber cabling is its size. You no longer have to compromise quality for size. The speed of copper wiring is directly related to its size. Ultimately this creates higher cost for resources. The size of a fiber cable does not impact speed at which it performs. Choosing fiber means using less resources and saving more money without product compromise. The size advantage makes transportation, installation and usage easier and more effective.

  1. Security

Cyber security and safety has become an everyday concern with the constant threat of data breaches and identity theft. Tapping into fiber cabling is not just more complex but more expensive than hacking into traditional copper or electrical wiring which is a significant deterrent in data breaches.

  1. Price

Fiber’s durability, functionality, and lack of commonly required maintenance make it more cost-effective in the long run and ultimately provides a better consumer experience.

If you are in need of fiber optic cabling or interested in learning more on how your business can benefit, contact ACS Solutions today or call us at 1-800-241-9881.

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