Benefits of Kitting Solutions

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Businesses are always looking for technologies and innovative solutions that can reduce costs and streamline their supply chain. Kitting involves the organization and -at times- assembly of components in a package to facilitate maintenance and production activities in an organization. The parts can be ordered and sequenced as specified. There are many reasons why organizations are using kitting solutions. It improves inventory management and cuts down on administrative costs amongst other benefits.

Reduce Administrative Costs of Ordering Components

Kitting solutions include routine scheduled restocking programs. Businesses are increasingly seeing the value of kitting solutions in enhancing preventive maintenance. The manufacturer can provide the kits that are custom made for your unique applications, this way you can ensure that parts will always be available for repair or maintenance when needed.

It can reduce the risk of downtimes because it eliminates the delay in the delivery of the required components. ACS is a kitting solutions provider that works closely with the production team to ensure the kit is delivered with all the specified parts. This way the items are shipped together in a kit and this eliminates further delays. It is a process that is easier to manage than having to order the parts from different sources.

Ordering a kit with one sequence number makes the procurement process less complicated than many different parts, sometimes, from different sources. Fewer purchase orders and stock numbers makes it easy to track them down for accounting and inventory management.

Cut Labor Costs and Save Time

The items in the kit are organized into sequences and labeled based on the specs of the production team as they need it for their production line. This reduces the time spent on organizing parts for assembly. The assembly team can work faster and more efficiently. Parts that were handled individually are packaged in a kit, there are fewer items to handle and therefore the process takes less time.

A lot of time is spent putting together individual parts needed for a certain application. Kitting solutions include preordered kits that have been put together in a certain specified sequence. Without these kits there would be more steps involved and more time taken to complete the task. In situations where these parts are needed for maintenance or repair, the delays lead to longer downtimes as well as higher labor costs for the business.

Leveraging Experience and Expertise

Through kitting businesses can leverage on the expertise and experience of a larger manufacturer to ensure that the best parts are chosen. The manufacturer can advise on how to pair parts and which ones to use for your applications. High volume components are adopted while low usage components are eliminated.

A manufacturer that is experienced in providing kitting solutions can help organizations enhance preventive maintenance by increasing the flexibility of the inventory system and eliminate downtimes. A comprehensive kitting program can help organizations determine the parts they will need for a rebuild or for the next preventive maintenance. The program can predict when you’ll need parts and ensure processes are running without unnecessary interruptions.

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