Logistics Solutions

Delivering your Products on Time, Every Time

ACS Solutions is experienced in working with customers to identify the most cost-effective transportation models that deliver your products on time, every time. Through carrier management agreements and audits, ACS Solutions is able to secure the most competitive shipment methods available. ACS can do your shipping for you with our Ship to Stock plan where Finished Goods are stored in the ACS warehouse by your order number and then shipped to your end user on a Just In Time basis.

We provide shipment reports and tracking information every morning, and can handle EDI transactions as well. Ship To Stock creates value by taking the complexities out of shipment planning and reducing the number of shipments you make, including unnecessary air freights.

Our transportation and logistics services include:

  • Guided transportation management, meaning you select the preferred carriers and methods of delivery and ACS Solutions will ship per your specifications.
  • Assistance with the claims management process should that be required.
  • ACS Solutions can determine the most cost effective delivery methods to meet your needs,
    which can be customized to meet delivery dates and save you freight costs.
  • We can combine sourcing, inventory management, kitting, labeling, packaging and shipment
    services to simplify your material management challenges.
  • ACS Solutions can help you improve speed and cost of deployment ensuring your product
    specifications are delivered on time every time.
  • IT systems and Customer Service personnel that can provide customers real-time information
    on the status of orders and shipments.
  • Best in class on time delivery metrics in a quick ship, on demand manufacturing and
    distribution mixed business model.
  • Scalable processes and systems that can grow as you do.

We understand that every scenario is different.

We pride ourselves on helping you find the solution to your headaches. Contact us today, tell us about your needs and see how ACS Solutions can help you.