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ACS Internet of Things Division

Aggregated Global Wireless Access
- 14 Wireless Carriers & All Tier 1 Providers
- Multi-Carrier Data Plan Design
- Expense Management
- MACs
Multiple Radio, Modem & Gateway Options
- Multi-Carrier hardware platforms
- 802.xx WiFi enabled & extended options
- Wireless Security Solutions
- US & Global Gateways Available
RF Engineering
- Custom Site Surveys
- Evaluate & Blend All Access Options
- Future-Proof Technology Planning
Multiple Antenna Options
- Passive and Active
- Industrial and Outdoor options
- Fit-For-Purpose Design & Pricing
Custom Design for Vertical Markets
- Industrial Automation
- Kiosk, Smart-Safe, SCO, POS
- Transportation
- Retail Markets
- Network Segmentation Projects

Application Segmentation

Application segmentation infographic

Protect Against Breach Propagation

Create a dedicated network for each application.









Guest Wi-Fi


Multipoint-To-Multipoint Payment Networks


Limited To Specific Processors & Devices



Any Payment Processor – Any POI Device

Wi-Fi – Salient Features


High Speed 802.11n Access with Top Ranked WIPS Built-in


Software-Defined Band
Unlocked Radios

Intelligent Edge, Controller-less, Fault Tolerant Architecture

Intelligent Edge, Controller-less,
Fault Tolerant Architecture


Multiple SSIDs and VLANs
per AP


Content Filtering, Firewall, QoS,
BYOD Controls per SSID


Guest Wi-Fi with Analytics
and Social Media Integration

WIPS/Cisco WLC Integration

 — For efficient deployment of WIPS to secure Cisco WLAN —

  • Synchronizes devices between Cisco WLCs and WIPS
    • Automatically identify and populate managed AP information in WIPS
    • Provide visibility into areas where WIPS sensors are not deployed
  • Reduces WIPS sensor density Use RSSI information from APs along with
    • WIPS sensors for triangulation

Similar integration available with most access point manufacturers


Automatic Device Classification

Reliable Threat Prevention

Ease of Operation & Lowest TCO

Cloud Managed or Onsite

Detailed Compliance Reporting

Accurate Location Tracking

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