Industrial Automation

industrial automation systems.

Monitoring equipment & transferring ever increasing amounts of data around the globe has become critical to your business.  Fiber optic solutions reduce interference and improve predictability specifically for industrial markets.  Fiber optics are ideal in high-voltage and heavy-machinery environments as fiber is naturally resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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Durable Solutions To Last A Lifetime

Manufacturing is increasingly dependent upon seamless data communication and automation systems. ACS offers specialty fiber and copper cable assemblies that deliver durable performance in the most demanding conditions.

Industrial automation environments present unique and extreme conditions not found in other commercial applications. The need for tough, durable connectivity and components is paramount. ACS Solutions has over 28,000 copper and fiber drawings, a proprietary knowledge base and over 30 years engineering experience, offering you the most effective and cost efficient connectivity solutions.

Our Core Capabilities

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Cellular m2m control

Special fiber optic & copper cable assemblies

Durable performance in the most demanding conditions

Flexible options for your floor plan

Long-lasting & future-proof components

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ACS Solutions industrial automation

Industrial Automation

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